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In loving memory of my beloved Leo

 1/13/06 - 12/16/13

Lost to Transitional Cell Carcinoma just shy of his 8th birthday

My Tiny Dancer

our forever was far too short... 

I Still Miss You

As the days and years pass

I Still Miss You

As the pain of grief softens

I Still Miss You

As new memories are made

I Still Miss You

As I smile and I laugh

I Still Miss You

Today and Everyday

I Still Miss You


What you meant to me... you were more than a dog... more than a good dog... more than the best dog. More than MY dog. You were my everything. My child. My best friend. You were my support system. My medicine, my comfort, the source of my strength. You were the force that kept me moving forward when I felt like all was lost. You're my Angel. My light. My beacon always guiding me home. You were my longest relationship. You were the one who was always there. Even now, after you've gone on... You still are here. In my dreams I see you, I feel you. You linger still. You live on... not only in my heart... but in the hearts of all the lives you've touched. You're the one that no one can forget. You were one of a kind. there never was.. and never will be... another you. God sent me one of his very best angels the day he brought you into this world and into my life. It was only a matter of time... that he would need you back.

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