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A little about my breeding protocol


I am a small scale in-home kennel with my focus on loving and showing my dogs.  I breed minimally and always to improve on what I have with the goal of keeping a puppy for myself.  I take a number of steps to ensure the health and quality of the puppies that I produce, including health tests/screenings and conformation/temperment evaluation on parents as well as extensive pedigree research before breeding.  


I strive to produce puppies that will thrive in any environment.  Genetics and learning both play a massive roll in the personality of any dog, and it is with this in mind that after a breeding has been planned out, my work here has just begun.  To help maximize the potential of each puppy, be it for life as a loving companion, performance star, therapy dog, service animal, or whatever you might wish of your Chinese Crested, I raise my puppies following the comprehensive program designed by Dog Trainer, Show Judge, and Breeder, Jane Killion:

• Puppy Culture

I raise my litters following the Puppy Culture Protocol.  This program is designed to give each puppy the best possible start in life.  Puppy Culture takes many of the best methods developed for optimizing a puppy's potential and organizes them into one great program.  With this protocol, puppies show the following benefits. 

      • Improved mental function

      • Improved Bonding

      • Improved Coping skills

      • Improved Immune Function

      • Reduced Separation Anxiety

      • Better able to deal with stress

      • Head start on housetraining

      • Head start on leash training

      • Better able to communicate with both people and other dogs

      • Better problem-solving skills

      • And so much more!  To learn more about Puppy Culture, See the link at the top of the page!

• I follow the minimalist Vaccine Protocol developed by Dr. Jean Dodds and supported by holistic vets including Dr. Karen Becker and Dr. Ronald Schultz, and I also urge puppy buyers to become educated on the pros and cons of Spay/Neuter vs. Alternative Sterilization.  I do require ALL pet puppies to be sexually sterilized, however I believe the method used is a personal choice and will honor traditional spay/neuter, ovary sparing spays, and vasectomies in my contract. (I do not accept Chemical Sterilization as a valid alternative as not enough is known about the long term effects of this procedure at this time)

     • Vaccination Protocol Link

     • Buyer Etiquitte Link


All pet puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and are sold on “Limited Registrations” which means you cannot use the dog for breeding.  You must sign a contract agreeing to this.  You must also agree to return the puppy if you cannot keep it at any point in its lifetime.  These two items are non-negotiable.  Anyone wishing to see a generic copy of my contract may request one by email.   I do NOT Ship Puppies.  You MUST be able to come pick up your puppy.

As your breeder, I will be available to answer questions and offer guidance for the remainder of the life of your dog.  

Please fill out and submit our puppy application to be considered for a Hpnotik Chinese Crested!  

Current Litters

None at this time

Upcoming Litters

Puppies Planned for Spring 2023


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