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Chinese Crested Resources

American Chinese Crested Club - The official Chinese Crested breed club for the AKC, tons of useful information can be found here!


*  TarHeel Chinese Crested Club - The Tar Heel Chinese Crested Club is a not-for-profit club established in 2005 serving Chinese Crested fanciers in NC, SC, and southern VA. Their motto is: Promoting quality breeding and Good Sportmanship!

*  Delaware Valley Crested Club - The Delaware Valley Chinese Crested Club was founded in March of 1986 by a growing group of Chinese Crested enthusiasts in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania area. is a regional club focusing on the areas of PA and NJ



Long term Spay/Neuter information

Spay/Neuter association with Cancer

Truth About Spay/Neuter

These are some un-biased articles about the researched effects, both positive and negative, about Spay and Neuter.  I am personally NOT a fan of early spay-neuter and fully honor any pet-owner's choice to perform alternative sterilization on their puppy such as Vasectomy and Ovary-sparing Hysterectomy.

Modified Spay Procedure

Details about an alternative to Traditional Spay.  Our retired females receive this procedure in lieu of a traditional spay.

*  Minimal Vaccine Protocol

The minimal vaccine protocol was developed by Dr. Jean Dodds and provides pet owners with a safer alternative to the extreme vaccine schedules recommended by many veterinarians.


Vets on Vaccine

A look into the overuse of vaccinations in the veterinary field.

The dangers of Over-Vaccinating 

Vaccinating your dog with every available vaccine every single year can do more harm than good. Dogs simply do not need to get re-vaccinated every year, immunity from initial vaccines often last even longer than your dog's natural lifespan.

Useful Crested Product Links

*  Fraser Essentials - Hands down this is my FAVORITE line of products for my Chinese Cresteds.  Their Squeaky Clean line is PERFECT for hairless dogs and Golden Gel makes skincare easy!  For my Powderpuffs I am addicted to the Nurturing, Coat stimulating, and Shine Bright formulas!

*  ReNewed Pet - Awesome product lines for Hairless animals!  It's all natural and formulated by April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H. to achieve her vision to provide better, safer, more natural products made especially for the hairless pet breeds.  I have had great success with these products for aiding in problem skin!

*  IV SAN BERNARD - Another AMAZING line of products for maintaining skin and coat.  I like to call their products "the big guns".  when all else fails, these guys will come through!  Their products and expertise are beyond worth their cost!


*  True Iconic Grooming Products - I adore this line of products, they have formulas that work so beautifully with both hairless and powderpuff cresteds!  They also provide demonstrational videos on how best to use their products on your dog!

Other Links

*  Japaca French Bulldogs - My Mother and Aunt have been the biggest influences on my life as a whole, and have helped shape me into the person I am today in regards to dogs, ethics, sentimentality, and just plain awesomeness!

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