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Here at Hpnotik Chinese Cresteds, I strive to protect and preserve everything that is magical about the amazing Chinese Crested!

I treasure all facets of this delightful breed.  Temperament and health are paramount, all of my dogs are beloved members of the family, health tested, and showcased in conformation and performance events.

Jennifer Steinruck
Currituck, NC

     The Chinese Crested is an alert dog that demands human companionship. They are little goofballs that love to please their people, and they're intelligent enough that upon discovering something that amuses you, are likely to do it again on their own just to get your attention! Chinese Cresteds are said to be “cat-like” and enjoy sitting in high places, the back of a couch or arm of a chair. Their activity level is medium to high but they enjoy quiet times with their family and adjust well to apartment living. 

     Chinese Cresteds learn quickly and do well in various performance activities such as Agility, Obedience, Fly Ball, Barn Hunt, and Lure Coursing.

     The Hairless variety will require a little attention to make sure it is not sun-burned or exposed to bitter cold.  They can also suffer from occasional acne, blackheads, or other skin ailments.

     The Powderpuff can be kept in full coat with a thorough brushing every day, or clipped shorter into cute styles for a fun and easy-care companion.

     Both varieties are loyal and very entertaining!

     Chinese Cresteds are believed to have evolved from hairless dogs of Africa. These dogs were traded among merchants and sailors and often used as ratters on these trade ships, thereby making their way to ancient port cities around the world. The Chinese, who seemed to favor dogs of smaller size, selectively bred the African hairless dogs down to a smaller size and continued an active trade.

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